Daihatsu mira es fuel consumption

Daihatsu mira es fuel consumption

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Agree and continue browsing. Japan Time: Tokyo Time. Welcome guest. View Details. One manufacturer designs and manufactures the car and providing the right to sell another model under their own nameplates and through its dealer network. In this case, Daihatsu which is the developer as well as manufacturer the stage borrowed from Cuore. Toyota also has a long-standing relationship with this company, while not having their own key-penalties.

The car came to light in late Compared with the previous model, has undergone great changes in terms of equipment. As before, the buyer is given the opportunity to choose the 3-door or 5-door body styles.

But the style has changed. Now this body, which is dominated by straight lines turned edgy. In addition, it helped make the interior more spacious, at the level of the class sedan. Thus, the buyer no longer has to choose a high wagon to get their hands on a machine with more voluminous interior.

Side doors swing open almost 90 degrees from this improved access to the seat.

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This made the car more comfortable to use. Daihatsu is the subsidiary of Toyota, which produce cars for the domestic market in Japan. In fact it is the same Toyota, but with a different icon and for ridiculous money.

2012 DAIHATSU Mira e:s - Exterior & Interior

The motto of the company - we do so simple cars, there is nothing to break. Mira - is the car category Kei car. History of cars began in the post-war years, when afford a full-fledged car many could not. Therefore, instructors have come up with this compact runabout. It is easy to maneuver in the flow, turn around, and pass through narrow passages, to park anywhere.

In content, too, Mira goes not so much money as it is a subcompact car. It has Low fuel consumption, the city only 5 liters per hundred, saving on gasoline. Modest power and a small amount of engine is its best quality.

For a novice driver, these modest specifications are enough. Especially because basically move around the city. An automatic transmission - is a huge plus for the city cars. Driving only get fun! Stable front-wheel drive will allow entering into a turn, comfortable pedal travel insures. It should be noted an interesting detail, the headlights are fairly high, but there is a mode of adjusting the angle of illumination. Which is very convenient in terms hampered visibility.Daihatsu Company is one of the best companies in Pakistan.

There are a lot of other companies which making different types of cars and introduced in market in different prices. This models is one of excellent cars which available in most affordable price with a lot of other feature. This company modeled and designed by Japanese and using latest technology in this car which consumed less petrol fuel as compare to other brands or model of cars. Daihatsu is only company which understands the true needs of their costumers and become their model of cars according to the need and demands of their customers.

This car is the right choice of all car loves because this car is cover beget and save their money. This consumption is best on conditions on the roads in Pakistan. If change their oil and air filter its consumption will be more and less on carpeted roads.

daihatsu mira es fuel consumption

Daihatsu Mir CC is the best car for petrol fuel consumption in Pakistan as compare to another a lot of brands of cars. This car is very comfortable and luxurious and use latest technology in this car.

This company is always thought about the customer benefits and performs their work effectively. Contact Us. Hong Kong super sixes Schedule ,results by hasnain sial October 21, Daihatsu is aiming for vehicle-making that is environmentally friendly and has lower maintenance costs for vehicles, as they are important for our daily lives, work, and lifestyles.


A cc KF model gasoline engine that combines excellent power, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and quiet operation. It features improved combustion efficiency and minimized mechanical loss, to improve fuel efficiency. Using the electronic throttle, drivers can gain precise and responsive control of the engine and CVT, further improving fuel efficiency.

The CVT has been improved by adopting Daihatsu's unique input reduction system 3-axis gear train. Power transfer has been improved by using a high-efficiency oil pump and lowering the CVT control pressure. In addition, the load on the engine has been reduced by optimizing high-gearing the conversion gear ratios based on reduction of rolling resistance and vehicle weight.

Furthermore, weight has been reduced by thinning the CVT case and making the oil pump cover and planetary gear from aluminum. Boon eco IDLE. The Boon features an idling stop function. Fuel efficiency has been improved by increasing the idling stop time, which stops the engine when the brake is pressed and speed drops below a certain level. Malaysia Bezza. Sections using resin parts. Daihatsu is making vehicles lightweight by increasing the use of resin for body parts.

Based on tests of resin parts in various temperature conditions to investigate distortion conditions, Daihatsu has developed a processing method and material selection process reflecting the requirements for optimization of each part. Copen Resin fuel tank. The weight of the resin fuel tank has been lightened by giving it a uniform thickness. Meanwhile, the use of diamond beads ensure it is both rigid and shock absorbent.

Mira e:S Body frame structure. Daihatsu reduced the weight of the Mira e:S without reducing the overall length by reviewing the placement of frame materials, reducing reinforcing materials by making parts as straight as possible, and using high-tensile strength steel.

Mira e:S Deceleration energy regeneration function. Mira e: S LED rear combination lamp. The regeneration function has been improved so the alternator converts kinetic energy during deceleration and stores it in a battery. This improvement has increased the amount of electricity generated by the alternator during deceleration. The lead battery can also more easily take in energy and has an increased storage capacity. This reduces the amount of electricity generated by the alternator during normal driving and when accelerating, which reduces the load on the engine.

Mira e:S Aerodynamic test. Air resistance has been reduced by performing CAE simulations and wind tunnel experiments from the design phase, using this information to improve the forms of front corners and reducing the under-floor flow. In addition, rolling resistance has been reduced through improvements to driving parts and the tires. Products Top. Environmental Technology Daihatsu is aiming for vehicle-making that is environmentally friendly and has lower maintenance costs for vehicles, as they are important for our daily lives, work, and lifestyles.

Mira e:S Body frame structure Daihatsu reduced the weight of the Mira e:S without reducing the overall length by reviewing the placement of frame materials, reducing reinforcing materials by making parts as straight as possible, and using high-tensile strength steel. Mira e:S Aerodynamic test Air resistance has been reduced by performing CAE simulations and wind tunnel experiments from the design phase, using this information to improve the forms of front corners and reducing the under-floor flow.The Daihatsu Mira also known as the CuoreDominoand more recently Charadeis a kei car -type vehicle built by the Japanese car maker Daihatsu.

The Mira is the latest successor to the line of cars begun with the Daihatsu Fellow of and was originally introduced as the commercial version of the Cuore. In Australiathe two-seater version was marketed as the Daihatsu Handivan and later as the Daihatsu Handi. A certain amount of confusion arises from the fact that this, the Lseries, was the first generation Daihatsu Mira but is usually considered the second generation of the Cuore — and that the Mira was originally marketed as the "Mira Cuore".

The range was facelifted lightly in Maywhen the Mira dropped the "Cuore" portion of its name. Also new was the sporty five-speed MGX three doors onlyfitted with radial tires. The autoclutch "Daimatic" transmission was replaced by a fully automatic two-speed unit at the same time. In Octoberturbocharged and four-wheel drive versions of the Mira van were made available not in conjunction, however.

The car was also commended by Quattroruote for its agile city driving characteristics — although it could hardly be considered fully fit for the autostrada. The bigger engine was introduced in the second half ofas part of a push by Daihatsu to push its European exports. In the Mira Turbo appeared. Only available in the Japanese market, and only as a commercial vehicle, it had a carburetted and turbocharged version of the little two-cylinder engine.

It received inch allowy wheels, front disc brakes, air conditioning, radial tires, and a special Parco interior, and were sold directly through eleven Parco stores nationwide. It had a longer wheelbase and a new generation of three-cylinder engines replacing the previous two-cylinder AB versions. As for the domestic Japanese market versions, there were commercial versions Mira sold alongside passenger car versions Cuore.

The commercials had temporary rear seats which fold completely flat, and are easily recognized by luggage rails in the rear side windows. As for the previous generation, a version with switchable four-wheel drive was available for the "Van" version chassis code L71V. The engines were originally carburetted, and either naturally aspirated or turbocharged with intercooler. Transmissions were either four- or five-speed manuals, with a two-speed automatic also available for the atmospheric versions.

In Januarya five-door "Van" Mira version was added.New Mini Vehicle from Daihatsu. As a result of the recent increase in environmental awareness and orientation toward budget pricing, Mira e:S has been developed as the "third eco car" accessible to anyone. In addition, Mira e:S combines a sense of design with safety, convenience and a spacious interior seating four persons.

Eco encompasses the sense of both ecology and economy, expressing that this is a vehicle for people with a simple and smart lifestyle, who have high environmental awareness. Except for hybrid cars. Based on Daihatsu research. Based on Daihatsu research internal measurement values. The Eco Drive Assist light changes to green when the driving style is fuel-efficient. The Eco Drive Assist Display indicates the amount of gasoline saved and energy regenerative status at deceleration by means of the Eco Power Generation Control The Multi Information Display indicates engine stopping time activated by eco IDLE, the accumulated time, average fuel consumption etc.

Products Top. Fuel consumption in top for gasoline-powered vehicles A low price tag ofyen due to exhaustive activity of cost reduction.

Daihatsu Mira Es : Price. Reviews. Specifications.

Smart design that is sophisticated and vivid Smart packaging to seat four persons Enjoy smart driving with outstanding user-friendliness Combining light-weight with excellent safety.

We have used sophisticated equipment that takes account of actual fuel consumption and supports eco driving in a way that is easy to understand. Improved combustion efficiency by refining the particles sprayed from the injector and enhancing the compression ratio from Mechanical loss has been minimized by combining improvements down to every detail including modification of the oil seal, tension reduction in the piston rings, reduction in chain tension by cutting chain width, and the adoption of the i-EGR system.

Coordinated control of engine and CVT using an electronic throttle. Maintains a state of maximum efficiency in accordance with a range of driving conditions. More improvements to power transmission efficiency with CVT Improved power transmission efficiency by lowering CVT control pressure and improving oil discharge with a high-efficiency oil pump.

Lower engine load by optimizing the transmission gear ratio high gears based on cutting the weight of the vehicles, reducing running resistance and improving power transmission efficiency. Achieved weight reduction through an exhaustive review of every single interior component including reducing the weight of the seat frame and thinning the thickness of resin components such as door trims and instrument panels.

Reduced the weight of the CVT unit for idle reduction by using integrated molding for the secondary sensing gear and piston, using aluminum for the oil pump cover and the planetary carrier, and thinning the thickness of the CVT case.

Lowered air resistance by conducting CAE simulations and wind tunnel tests as of the design stage to improve the shape of the front corners and slow down under-floor flow. Lowered rolling resistance by reducing weight and improving bearings and brakes. Lightweight and compact mechanism by reducing dedicated components for idle reduction. Enhanced the function whereby the alternator converts the kinetic energy of a decelerating vehicle into electric energy to regenerate the battery.

By improving the charge acceptance properties of the lead battery to increase the charge held, as well as increasing the amount of energy generated by the alternator at deceleration, substantially suppressed power generation by the alternator at normal operation and when accelerating to reduce engine load. Proactively pushed to reduce cost such as reviewing buyers and lowering the cost of parts. As part of the work to lower the cost of parts and as a means of improving the nature of the design, we identified 50 principal parts from the perspectives of whether we can manufacture them more cheaply by tweaking the design or method of manufacturing, whether we have extracted the full potential of the material, or whether the structure is correct in theory to achieve cost savings that surpass the barriers of function, such as design development, which considers the nature of design, or parts design based on production requirements.

daihatsu mira es fuel consumption

By searching out the optimum blueprint from the perspective of quality and cost price through undertaking an in-depth review of the positioning of components, shaping, and materials selection, and by reviewing specifications from scratch including the size, function, and quality suitable for the special characteristics of the vehicle, we have lowered the cost price by reducing the number of parts and trimming weight. As well as a front side member with high-efficiency energy absorbent structure, we have delivered a strong cabin, improved collision absorption with a compact body size while continuing to trim the weight of the vehicle with a thoroughly optimized and rationalized frame.

Environmental Technology

Body structure designed to alleviate head injuries in pedestrians. News Search All from StockHelp Top. This price is fixed by sellers selling cars on TCV. Price of a brand-new car in Japanese market. This price is fixed by the manufacturing company of the car.

The vehicle description was very accurate. Seller has the best communication on here out of anyone.

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The only issue was shipping being delayed a couple times which I dont think is the sellers fault. Other than that, everything was smooth. Would definitely recommend and use again! The car has not yet reached me.

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An agent walmax who is working on it is not providing me with any update. I have been calling them but nothing is said about the car. I can only make recommendation once I see the car. The unit was great.

daihatsu mira es fuel consumption

Got exactly what was advertised and i am happy with Dayata. Great communication, friendly and they even gave us a spare Tyre that wasn't really part of the car. Tumaini was great. Will definitely do business with Diyata again. It took time to receive the communication that the ship Morning Courier had left for Daresalam, and it took quite a bit of time for the ship to reach its destination- Tanzania finally the tyres had no rim covers and no wheel spanner.

Daishin Trading were great to deal with. Very honest and professional car dealer. The car and it's condition exceeded my expectations.This is transportation at its most basic level — four wheels, an engine, and at least two seats. Even though the Daihatsu Mira e:S was released only two years ago, some improvements are in the works to further trim this already-fuel-efficient vehicle. The new version of the e:S, due in Augustis expected to achieve Real-world fuel efficiency though, is another matter.

Some have reported achieving barely 45mpg on the old version, in comparison to the 71mpg rating under the JC08 test. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. The Green Optimistic. Laser Marking Technology for Increased Sustainability.

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